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Be good friends who love deeply. Romans-12:10

Love Deeply

“Genuine affection”

So, what does “Genuine Affection ” mean? at least biblically…it means to love deeply, honor and delight in others. I wondered if I demonstrated this affection to others. So, I  decided to self- evaluate by seeking out feedback from a particular friend/co-worker that I knew would respond honestly. I asked her what she thought of my character and nature. She said, “You’re honest, you genuinely care, and love deeply, not just for your family or friends but others too”. And you also wear your  heart on your sleeve”. This was something that she very much appreciated. I became emotional thinking about her sweet words, and what they meant to me. Because yes, I love deeply! even if at times it feels as if I should not.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve”

Yet, I started to wonder why it is that I wear my heart on my sleeve? And why it is that I love and care so deeply? especially in those times where others have or continued to hurt me.  My daughters are always asking me “Mom, why do you care so much? ” or tell me “who cares what others think”. And truthfully if I were in my 20’s maybe even in my early 30’s I would have probably thought the same and not have given it a second thought. I was selfish, immature, and made poor choices that affected others. If It meant that I was not liked, included or approved of that was ok. But thankfully that is no longer WHO I AM. God has slowly changed my heart, and continues to work in my heart.

On the other hand I have always had this strange sensitivity and emotional connection to friends and strangers. I mean there would be times at stores or out on the street when I came in contact with certain people that my heart would just suddenly become deeply overwhelmed with emotion. As if I felt their entire life come over me, and I too felt their burdens, struggles, and joy. So much that I would immediately tear up uncontrollably, without truly understanding or being able to explain why I felt the way I did. Or there would be times that I would just randomly think of someone and reach out to them just because they came to mind, not knowing that they were going something. But of course God knew, as He always does.

Over the years I have realized that those special moments were and are opportunities that God was giving to me to pray for others. Those tugs at my heart became stronger and I became more courageous in asking if they needed prayer. God was using me in a way that I never thought He would.

And when I think about this world and what it has become, I hurt. Yet, I can’t help to wonder what’s to come for my children, grandchildren, family, and friends.  As for me, I desire nothing more than to go home, where I belong with my heavenly father.

“Be good friends who love deeply”

Fast forward to now, the expectations that I have for myself in regards to how I interact, and treat others is based on both my love for God and His word. My family and friendships are very important to me. When I say that you are my friend…it means exactly that, you are my friend and it is for life. You will have me there in the good and bad times. I will be genuine, loving, loyal, supportive, encouraging, and forgiving of you.  I will honor and delight in our relationship. All this because that’s who I am now, but most importantly because that’s what Jesus commands of us. I am thankful that God loves me deeply and that He will never leave me!

Romans 12:10- Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

My Sweet Faithful Truths –

Because I deeply love God, and understand who He is. I know that He will continue to show me how to deeply love others the way He already does.


        Love & Blessings!

Aurie ❦

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  1. Its amazing how God keeps working in us and through us and keeps transforming us from glory to glory to love like Him and be like Him. And we can confidently say, ‘Im a new creation. All things are made new in my heart, my life and my thinking”. This is beautiful

  2. I needed this reminder this week. Been having some issues with a few friendships that I have, and I think I just need to let things be. Love people for who they are.

    1. Aww, glad this was able to bring some encouragement. I understand letting go is sometimes hard to do. But it really is the best thing to do. In those moments I have to continue to pray and ask God to show me how to see others through His eyes and love others the way He loves them just as He does me.

    1. I am sorry that you have struggled with friendship and relationships. I have found that praying over the difficult individuals in my helps me be more understanding of them. It also helps in allowing God to deal in my heart so that it does not become, hardened, bitter or resentful. Ensuring that I am able to respond with love, and kindness even when I may not want to.

  3. Are you by any chance a Cancer? My son is the same way. He is extremely empathetic, and he is constantly comforting others while hiding away his own emotions.

    1. Ha, funny you would ask that because I was going to add that I was a Leo…but I am at the beginning cusp of Cancer/Leo. Now that I am older I notice more of the Cancer traits that are not the typical “Leo” traits. They help balance me out =)

    1. Yeah, it’s hard when we care so much. But I would rather be that friend who cares too much than one who does not.

  4. Good read.
    It is not your fault that you care so much. It is your naturr and it is hard to fight that nature. It is a gift you should cherish.

    1. Aww, thank you for your kind words. Sometimes caring too much, may cause others to not understand who you really are. And your right a gift to treasure with all my heart. =)

  5. I am not religious but I can relate to what you are saying in many ways. As I have gotten older I have listened to my heart more and my inner self (That is my god btw) and learned how to love and respect others more and appreciate everything around me. Life is too short and too precious to hold grudges and be bitter

    1. Very true, the reality is that when we hold onto grudges it only causes our hearts to become hardened and filled with bitterness. And the truth is that it makes us the prisoner.

  6. Beautifully written! We need to be this type of friend to others but also to ourselves. I wake up every day giving gratitude to God for all that HE provides me with. So loved this post

    1. Agreed, the expectations that I have for myself and my friendships is set high. And sometimes that can cause me to get hurt because not everyone is going to respond or behave the way I would. But knowing this helps me to also be more understanding and forgiving even when it is the hardest thing to do. Thankful that God never gives up on me =)

  7. Lovely read and a lovely reflection of yourself. It’s so important to take time a reflect on your life and where you’re at. Great insight on what you’re feeling.

    Sondra xx

  8. I’ve always struggled with friendships; I prefer to have a few really good friends than lots of “ok” friends. As I got older, I realized the importance of being a good friend and I try to live by being a true and real friend to everyone I really care about! This is a great reminder post!

  9. This is me! I always say I’m an empath because I feel so deeply for people I don’t even know and even more so for people I love. It’s so nice to run across people who genuinely have a love for others.

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